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New Dawn, New Day, New Minecraft Server!

By Flingbing on 09/08/2017

Hello Hatters! The current Minecraft Server has been up for around 8 months and is in need of a reset. Many players have become burnt out and so we’ve decided to freshen things up a little for the next iteration. Many things that Hatters love are staying and feedback from the current server has been taken into account. What’s changing? - Questing is back but in a different, very nostalgic way. Complete weekly quests to earn cold hard cash and a sense of completion that real life can never give you! - The old custom terrain generation is gone and has been replaced with good old vanilla. No more mega trees to spend ages cutting down, no more confusion as to what spawns where. Back to basics. - Spawn has had quite the facelift, with new areas for you to explore a touch with your grubby paws... - Mob Bosses are back by popular demand! Battle these juggernauts at your peril, they are far tougher, but the rewards for success are far greater too...

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